Main Stage Keynotes

 OnX_Logo Innovate or Stagnate


In the age of social, mobile, analytics and cloud, lots of applications and business use cases are changing the way we engage consumers, clients, employees and information. These trends bring about new challenges in IT management today including enabling speed of change and re-aligning focus on business outcomes, not just keeping the lights on anymore.  IT needs to become more industrialized, to enable business at the speed of cloud. This keynote will take you on a journey that will cover different delivery models in your data center’s infrastructure as well as a ways to bridge your organization to the cloud.

Chris Sator, CTO Hybrid Cloud Solutions, OnX

momentum Hitting Your Digital Sweet Spot


Many organizations focus the lion’s share of their digital investments on customer-facing solutions, which is natural; that is where digital comes from. Digital transformation in the IT landscape is more than just finding new revenue streams; it’s also about creating value by reducing the costs of doing business. Imagine the ability to extract just as much value, if not more, from investing those digital resources in back-office functions that drive operational efficiencies. During this keynote, Chris will explore both ends of the digital spectrum; how to enable a digitally mobile workforce and to how to establish and operate an IT organization that functions in two speeds – Because digital snails just don’t exist. 

Chris Jackson, Vice President, Client Development, Momentum Digital Solutions

OnX_Logo Managing Organizational Change in the New IT Economy


IT organizations are experiencing an unprecedented level of change; changes in technology, delivery mechanisms, and more fundamentally, changes in the work force. These changes are driving senior IT leaders and front line IT staff into uncharted territory as they deal with the demands of the larger organization for IT enablement of their business. This session will explore the underlying components driving change, and will equip both IT executives and front line IT workers to prepare for, and excel in, the new IT landscape.

Stephen Harris,  Director of Technology Solutions and Professional Services, Atlantic Canada, OnX.


 HP-logo-CMYK_200x200 Platinum Sponsor Keynote
Convergence in the age of virtualization, cloud, and Big Data


Nearly two-thirds of IT buyers favor integrated systems to accelerate their time to value for solutions. Over five years ago, HP introduced the industry to the concept of Converged Infrastructure. Now HP takes the next major step in workload-optimized Converged Systems for mobility, virtualization, cloud, and big data. HP has been working with key industry ISV’s to provide pre-integrated solutions that are being demanded by customers around the world.

Join Steve Shaw, HP Canada’s Chief Strategist for Converged Systems, to learn about the latest HP innovations and solutions that are driving this new end-to-end solution revolution.


Breakout Sessions

brocade-logo-black-red-rgb Is Your Business Ready for The Next Big Thing?


Welcome to the New IP – a new way to architect an IP network to meet the needs of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data. Join Brocade to learn about the biggest evolution in networking in two decades.
We’ll discuss how the New IP differs from the old, why it matters, and how to prepare your network today for this inevitable transition.

David Goodridge, Brocade

OnX_Logo The Evolution of End User Management

The End User Computing space is evolving at an ever increasing pace; did you ever wonder how desktop services became so complex or incorporated such a myriad of devices, solutions and choices? Follow the speaker through the evolution of End User Computing all the way to present day challenges and emerging trends.  Review VMware Workspace Suite; a solution designed to allow you to effectively manage at the cross roads of the post PC era to true end user mobility. Explore the new capabilities of the Suite such as Horizon Flex and AirWatch Laptop Management.  You will leave with a better understanding of the tools designed to future proof your End User Computing planning and where Cloud options add value to your overall End User Services Strategy.


Paul O’Doherty, Director Cloud and End User Services, OnX.

HP-logo-CMYK_200x200 HP 3PAR StoreServ – Tier-1 storage for the New Style of IT

HP 3PAR StoreServ can lower storage TCO today and enable agility for what’s next.  Optimized performance, unified protocol support, proven availability, and Thin Deduplication plus self-managing features reduce complexity, It’s primary storage for all your needs. With storage federation, you can non-disruptively move data between any 3PAR StoreServ system to make life easy down the road.  This award-winning platform beats the competition in critical capabilities for virtualization, OLTP, and all-flash features. It’s a recognized leader whether you need midrange affordability, all-flash performance, or enterprise scale. HP 3PAR StoreServ has you covered.

Peter Evans , Solutions Architect, HP & Emile Brideau, Team Lead CS & Storage at Medavie Blue Cross


OnX_Logo  Are you the next Target?

What do Neiman Marcus and Target have in common?  They received alerts from their security devices indicating they were being hacked. But no one was watching.
If you are connected to the Internet, you are vulnerable.
This break-out session is for you if you’re dealing with one or more of these common IT Security problems:

  • You have multiple security appliances from multiple vendors
  • You parachute contractors in to install your security devices
  • You’re in a constant scramble to hire, train, and retain your security staff
  • You are connected to the internet, but aren’t monitoring 24/7
  • Your IT staff is so weary from all of the alerts that they have tuned them out
  • You need to control IT Security spending